Six Weeks to Spark Business Fame

Learn to Pitch, Perfectly!

  • Develop perfect pitches that will land you guest post and interview opportunities.
  • Come up with the kinds of ideas that bloggers, editors and interviewers want.
  • Raise your profile, build your list, connect with the people who want to be part of your tribe.
  • Deliver content that results in increased fans, subscribers and clients.

Guest Posting and Booking Interviews Is the Best Way to Get your Name out There, Grow Your List and Build Your Business

But Your Pitches Don't Work.
Get Ready to Pitch-Slap the Pitch Process!

  • Form RELATIONSHIPS with editors and influencers
  • Come up with the RIGHT ideas, that editors and interviewers actually want and NEED
  • Follow up in a way that's NOT ANNOYING
  • Stop feeling like you're BEGGING for opportunities
  • Deliver content that CONVERTS readers into fans, into subscribers, into clients
  • More than just TEMPLATES. Editors know and LOATHE templates

Create Content That Connects: 

Pitch School is six lessons in pitching and delivering the kind of content that makes you business-famous

It’s time for you to be seen.

It’s time for you and your business to be known.

It’s time to increase your impact and serve more people.

Foundations of Fame

Uncover your story, your key message and talking points and the audiences you can and should be talking to. Create your media list and understand the right kinds of outreach depending on your type of business.

The Art of the Ask

Feel less like you're begging and more like you're offering something they need. Templates and precise guidance on how to write a pitch that will work, so editors don't feel like they are reading a template pitch! Finally get the distinct differences between pitching guest posts vs. interviews.

Divine Delivery

Learn how to follow up in a way that is empowered instead of annoying. End the wondering about what a guest spot will yield. Maximize your efforts with tactics that will have people clamoring to get on your list.

Learn to Pitch, Perfectly
From a PR pro who spent 12 years writing pitches, now sharing exclusive secrets.

Sylvia Solis

"“It’s time for you to be seen. It’s time for you and your business to be known. It’s time to increase your impact and serve more people.”" 

For me, it all started with an epiphany. After working in the NYC publicity world for 12 years, I was disenchanted. I wanted out. 

I was going out on my own and was determined to leave my old career behind.

Until I realized that the very thing I was doing day-in, and day-out for 12 years was the same thing I needed in order to be a viable entrepreneur. ​

As Editorial Director of a niche PR firm, I met with clients, got to know their messages and their spokespeople and had to create a story that would be interesting to the media, to promote their products or services. ​I wrote pitches for clients from Dove to Disney, Avon to The American Heart Association. Pitches I wrote garnered coverage Buy Apcalis on every local television and radio station in the country and every national news show, at one time or another. 

This is EXACTLY what every one of us is tasked with doing to build buzz around our businesses. Take a message, a spokesperson and create a story -- then pitch that story to the media. Guest posts, interviews, segments, appearances, features. These are your media opportunities. 

Employing these principles for my business has resulted in exponential growth. From just one of my interview placements, I grew my list by 30%. My clients have achieved a near 100% success rate in pitching to support their own businesses based on these teachings.

I can teach you how to pitch yourself, your business, your ideas and your expertise, to get more attention, more fans, more subscribers, and more clients. ​

- Amanda Berlin  
(Communications Consultant for Entrepreneurs)

A Single Well-Executed, Well-Delivered Guest Post or Interview Can Earn You Credibility, Visibility and Hundreds of New Subscribers.

"Imagine You Are Able to Do That on a Regular Basis."

You’re tired of poking around in the dark to get your name out there to raise your business profile. You’ve put a lot of work into training. You’ve got a lot of experience. You do excellent work.Learning the secrets of pitching like a pro will help you get the attention to need and want for your business.You may have guest posted somewhere and seen zero return. You may have done an interview to...crickets.

PITCH School will teach you how to send a pitch email and deliver an authentic powerful interview without run-to-the-restroom nerves. You will reach -- and help -- more people. You earn credibility. You become a trusted authority. You inspire confidence. You get new clients.

I'm Amanda Berlin and I can help you pitch better...

Here's What PITCH School is All About

Your Story and Why People Should Care

"Pitching gets a lot easier when you know what you're talking about."

Editors need to understand your purpose and why they should care.You definitely don't want to pull all the skeletons out of the closet, but you need to develop your story, the story of your business and the reason why people should care about what you're promoting.In this lesson, you'll learn all about the fundamentals of developing a foundation for your pitch efforts.

Your Audience and the once You Haven't Thought

"Pitching gets a lot easier when you know what you're talking about."

Finding relevant outlets is an age-old issue that plagues pitchers. You're going to learn some tricks to digging deep to find untapped websites, blogs, magazines and podcasts.

You'll also learn to look at your experience in a new light so you can reach out to niches you hadn't thought of yet.

You'll learn the kinds of story ideas editors are dying for and the right kinds of tactics for your unique business.

Secrets for Pitching Guest Posts

"Pitching nerves won't get you when you feel like you're doing it 'right."

You've probably tried pitching guest posts. You might have even landed some placements. But they either didn't result in any increased traffic to your site or opt-ins to your email list, or you're still waiting to hear back from that editor. In this section, you will learn how to write a pitch that works.

You'll receive a template but you'll also learn why it works so you can make it your own. Editors can spot and hate a template pitch. You'll understand why certain pitches work so you can dive in and own the process.

The Pitch is Back, Learn to Pitch Interviews

"Pitching broadcast is another animal, but you can do it. Grasp the nuances."

You'll have mastered the guest post pitch; in this lesson you learn what's different when pitching interviews for radio, television or podcasts.

You'll get clear on how your role, what you offer and what you deliver differs for a broadcast medium.

And, of course, you get a pitch template, which you can use over and over and make your own.​

Expert Follow Up So You're Helpful Not Annoying

"Reduce the agony of waiting by managing your expectations and having killer follow-up in your back pocket."

This lesson will teach you what to expect when you're pitching.

You'll also learn some pretty awesome ways to follow up that won't make you feel needy and will have editors delighted to hear from you.

You'll get excited to reach out again and you'll learn how to show up classy and confident.

Deliver Guest Posts and Interviews That Convert

"The point isn't just to get exposure, but to get exposure that turns readers and listeners into fans and clients."

This lesson teaches you that all-important art of delivery. Media train yourself with tips and tricks from the experts.

You'll get clear on how your role, what you offer and what you deliver differs between writing and broadcast.

Finally, you'll learn some little-know tactics for maximizing the results of your efforts. We go over no-nonsense, precise actions you can take that will result in more opt-ins and increased engagement on your articles and interviews.​

That's what turns readers into fans, into subscribers, into clients.​

Dawn Gibson

"Amanda Berlin is amazing when it comes to teaching you how to write these materials."

"She has such vast experience yet manages to each it in an understandable way."

- Dawn K. Gibson (LCSW, Mind-Body Mentor for Moms)

"Yeah!!! Thank you for guiding the process on a winning pitch!"

- Don Olund (Relationship Specialist)

"Amanda Berlin is a true content-writing genius."

- Kelly Lynn Adams (Business, Leadership and Life Coach)

What You’ll Get...

Tried-and-true concepts, grab-and-go content and encouragement on how to make it your own to drive your pitching efforts.

"Six Lessons in Pitching to Spark Business Fame"

Along with customized support and like-minded community to share contacts and pitching protocols that will make your pitches even stronger.

Instant Access to All Six Lessons, and a Pitch Bank Stocked with Real Pitches that Worked! well as worksheets, cheat sheets with lesson Cliff's Notes, and templates to make your own.

Narrated keynotes, audio recordings, downloadable slides

...resources, no matter how you like to learn. On the computer, on the go, or quick and dirty.

Membership in an exclusive Facebook group

… where generosity, not competition, is the operating principle. In the PR world, contacts are closely guarded. Not here. We readily share information on outlets and editors' contact information to make pitching easier for everyone.​

Bi-Weekly Q&A group calls with Amanda starting December 7

Ask about generating pitch ideas relevant to your business, niches you could potentially tap, ​pitching protocols, writing, or anything else that's on your mind!

Silvia Solis

"My first guest post effort resulted in 1.6K likes..."

"As a result of Amanda's training, I was able to guest post on HuffPost and Wake Up World. Between both, my articles received 1.6K likes, which means it was seen by even more. I had no idea where to start writing good pitches. Working with Amanda helped me. Take advantage of her generosity!"

- Silvia Solis (Relationship Coach)

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The Pitch is Back

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Lisa Murray

"I always struggled with writing on behalf of my business."

"Amanda guided me through the process and taught me to use my unique and various background experiences to shape the way I presented myself as a professional and to explain what makes me unique."

- Lisa Murray (Website Designer, Consultant)

"One of the most important things I’ve learned from Amanda is that your writing has to have heart."

"My creative mind needs clarity and focus and Amanda provides that."

- Jill Palmer (Founder, Heal Your Face With Food)

Can you afford to waste time hoping people find your website, subscribe to your list and become your clients?

Create Content That Connects: PITCH School is THE solution you've been waiting for.
You will frame your story, come up with your messages, find outlets that matter -- hint: not just The Huffington Post -- write pitches and create lasting relationships with editors, deliver content that resonates with your audience and sends readers and listeners scrambling to sign up for your list.

Now is the time.  Hope alone isn't going to get you the attention you deserve. This is your opportunity to get guidance and real answers from a pro.

What happens if you click away from this page and use that tired old template you got from someone on Facebook?

You'll be missing an opportunity to dive deep and really make an impact with your publicity.

You'll waste hours of time crafting pitches that may or may not work.

You'll forfeit the outside perspective from a seasoned pitch-pro who can illuminate the angles and outlets you might have been missing.

Two ways to join PITCH School:


Messaging Guidance and Pitches that WILL work

Eye-Opening Inspiration on Angles and Outlets

Access to a Facebook Community that Shares Info and Contacts

Direct Access to Amanda and Weekly Community Q&A Calls


Installment Plan

Same access. Pay over time.

2 payments of $225

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If this training doesn't make you feel more confident putting yourself out there and doesn't garner you the placements you're looking for, you can request your money back. I will ask to see you've done the work. You'll have to show me your pitch, the email proving you submitted it, and you'll have had to come on at least one community call to get direct feedback from me on this pick. If you've put in the effort, and these strategies don't work for you, you can request your money back.

"Using these trainings to improve your media savvy and the professionalism of your pitching, I guarantee you'll feel empowered and knowledgeable and that will result in placements."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is PITCH School for?

When does the course start?  When does it end?

Which formats are the lessons delivered in?

How much is PITCH School tuition?

What is the refund policy?

What if I still have questions?

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Installment Plan

2 payments of $225